Free Soul ( Acoustic sessions ) listen

This album just takes you back to your last surf trip and all your lost thoughts while on the road. It’s beautifully written and recorded acoustic raggae album. It’s loaded with Jonah’s favourite things in life surfing and travelling. Totally recommended.

“We might live in a house, but our home is outside
Surfers of the ocean, children of the tide
Gather you memories, turn them into a boat
Set sail for tomorrow, Keep them afloat”

taken from : “Sail On”


Jonah Lake JonahLake


Surfing has been a big part of his life since his early teenage years. He lost jobs, grades, money and girlfriends because of it. He visited hospitals in many countries, got plenty of scars and broken teeth because of it. Still it is the thing he loves to do the most in the whole world.

Just as he needs surfing he needs music, music is around him all the time and music is what he wants to leave behind him wherever he goes. His music is his way to connect people and explain a certain feeling. Lyrics are really important to him and he puts a lot of his heart in his songs, so they end up meaningful and timeless….

When he is live on stage he is in his element and you can see his passion for music, surfing and travelling. Most of his recordings are the old school way, with microphones and with acoustic instruments. If you have the chance to see him live, it’s a must go!

He is following his dream now for many years and visited the most amazing places on his hunt for the next wave and the next gig. His life is a showcase what you can do if you life with passion!

We are proud to feature Jonah in the unicornsociety and can’t wait to see his documentary about his amazing life between gigs, the next set of waves and beautiful places. It’s gonna be inspiring!