Sometimes you run into some stuff, you are instantly occupied. Whitebuffalotravels is definitely one of it! He is describing this feelings when you travel in such a beautiful way, you are taken instantly. You can’t stop reading and you recognize yourself dreaming away while you read his stuff! And his pictures are simply awesome!

#Whitebuffalotravels is a beautiful blog, no its a poetrylog in my view. Reflecting life in the small and in the great, while he is exploring America and the rest of the world. And it all started with a van… can be so simple.

Proud to have him on unicornsociety. All the best for your trip Paki, we can’t wait to read and see more!


“Alone with the sounds of nature and a beating heart. You wonder which is more weary for the years? Generations of men and women, mentally enslaved versus a global and final eradication of nature for greed; which could be worse? The more time I spend away from common luxury, the more stark this realization becomes. When you appreciate the minute details of life, the every day soap opera, you realize that you should never trade the present for an uncertain future.” – WHITEBUFFALOTRAVELS


grand canyon


“Imagine that you had one day left to live. What would you do? Where would you go? How would you spend your last day? The reality is that we all only have one lifetime to exist; nothing before, nothing after. While it seems like a long time, it is fleeting; every day, minute, second, constantly ticking away—forever lost. The grains of sand in your hourglass fall, too heavy against the forces of time. Each grain representing a lost opportunity or a platform reached. Time is the great eater of moments; good, bad and mediocre. But memories are immortal, they are the rulers of our mind.” – WHITEBUFFALOTRAVELS



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