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B-FUSE is a Drumn Bass, House, Downbeat, Electro and Ambient DJ based in Germany near Munich. He got out many releases on different labels. His musical influences date back to the early eighties, stemming from punkrock, ska, dub and hiphop from that era. His true love though was electronic music, with bands like Kraftwerk, leading to Underworld and Orbital in the early nineties.

Reinhard: Hi Christian, since I know you, you are doing music. Must be around 15 years right now? You made Drum n Bass, House, Downbeat, Electro and Ambiente, did I forget something?
Christian: I’m DJ-ing since 1994 and started to produce in 2002. I do music for various genres, the one you mentioned and for theater, filmmusic, viedeo mapping and 3 D animations. Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of an orchestra library and you slide into classic music, or you just experimentalize and you become a sound designer in that moment.

Reinhard: What was the trigger for you to end up in Electro and how did you manage it to work so constant on your music?
Christian: In the end of the 70s I listen the first time to Kraftwerk and was completely stoked. Furthermore I’m a big Science Fiction fan. Beginning of the 90s I started to listen to Techno and Trance tracks. I was (and I’m) a big Underwold-fan was well. I’m just fascinated by every kind of electronic sounds. The picture might be differently, but I don’t work as constantly on my music as you would imagine. Everyday I spent approximately 1 or 2 hours in my studio, in addition I have to do a lot of promotional work to do and sometime you simply try new things. If I start to produce, I need some time buffers in the end. You must have the time to work constantly on it without distractions. To get into it, you need one or two days. Once you are there, you just get the flow and you can’t stop, usually then it’s the moment you know it’s gonna be something. In that time you forget everything, even to drink and eat (laughing). After 3 to 5 days a track is usually almost finished. I’m used to take a break from it and don’t touch the track for a while. I listen to it with fresh ears again after a while. The next step to mix and master the track, sometimes I have to change some things, it depends.

Reinhard: Did your music change over the years?
Christian: It increased in quality, not so much in arrangement but from a tonal and technical perspective.

Reinhard: In which genre are you feeling at home the most?
Christian: I count myself to the producers who found their home in many genres. I love to do music in general, but my favourite is sound which a space edge. It doesn’t matter if Electro or Atmospheric Drum n Bass. If I want to “reconnect” to earth, I always return to that kind of music.

Reinhard: For years now, you curate the musical framework on the city event “Wasserburg leuchtet”. You are playing there in front of more then 10.000 people, did the event change your music?
Christian: No, I think I educated my audience quiet well (laughing). The problem with “Wasserburg leuchtet” is that there almost no club people. So you have to find your middle way between mainstream music consumer and the club people.

Reinhard: How long does it take you to prepare a set for such an event?
Christian: The set is from 8pm till 0:30am in the morning and perform 4 to 5 blocks each 50 minutes. The evening starts with a spheric bloc and more “minimal”, during the evening it builds up more and more danceable. Between the 50 minutes blocs we show a 10 to 14 minute video mapping where I made the sounds as well. To prepare everything takes round about 2 to 3 weeks. For the video mapping it takes me additional 3 weeks.

Reinhard: Thats a lot of time! Do you sometimes hit the wrong notes?
Christian: No…(laughing), usually not.

Reinhard: As far as I know you put almost only Vinyl on your turntables, your collection must be huge in the meantime? Do you still have space in your home for a bed?
Christian: I do play with turntables, but my medium is (unfortunately) the MP3. I’m DJ-ing with the software “Serato”. It helps me to play my MP3 s on my computer like a real vinyl. You can’t hear the difference. But I could switch every time even in a gig to vinyl. My advantage is, I can play a lot of my fresh produced tracks this way. Furthermore I’m in the happy situation to to get a lot of promotion tracks from different labels. I get them as 320, MP3 or WA, I can play them immediately. Some of the tracks even before there release;)

Reinhard: Imagine. You can keep one vinyl of your collection, the rest has to go. Which one is your diamand?
Christian:I got a vinyl from BluMarTen as a present. Chris from Blu Mar Ten gave it to me on a Gig and signed it for me. It was in Mannheim (Germany). A befriended DJ hosted me and Chris for the night, it was an unforgettable experience for me. The next morning we had an amazing breakfast together. Blu Mar Ten are a big thing in the world of Drum n Bass.

Reinhard: By now you are doing video mapping. Is it a solid part of your artistic legislation?
Christian: For sure, especially you can earn a good amount of money with it. Thereof it is a lot of fun to work on.

Reinhard: You are producing your own tracks, do you work with other artists right now?
Christian: Right now I’m waiting for the tracks from a house producer (DeepLab 9) for which I’m going to do a remix. The remix will be released from the Munich label Contenance Records.

Reinhard: You have been with one of your sets on FM4  in La Boum de Luxe (famous radio channel in Austria for real music), which projects are hoovering in your mind?
Christian: I wanna gain more foothold in House, but as well in experimental minimal Drum’n Bass

Reinhard: Are you on a lot of performances right now?
Christian: I’m back in the studio now, I had a few performances in September.

Reinhard: Is traveling important for you as artist?
Christian: If I would be booked more in other countries ….(laughing). Until now I was only in Switzerland and Vienna (Austria).

Reinhard: How do you manage it to follow your passion without neglecting your obligations?
Christian: As I’m self employed in the bicycle sector, I can manage my time and in the winter time I have a lot oft time in the studio. I make a living from my music, but also from other things. I really like my situation, I get reconnected every time when I’m not in the studio. Besides I have a lot of fun with cycles and sport.

Reinhard: Thank you so much for your time and I’m happy to see you soon live somewhere!

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Find more of his video mapping and sound production www.beilfuss-production.de


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